The first event in every year - The 12th Night party - lots of beer! Making sure we're all well fed. A house made out of gingerbread. Then Easter Sunday, full of cheer A hunt for eggs and - yes - more beer! The kids play on the trampoline And make the bouncy castle lean! And always music fills the air The joyful sound beyond compare The cello, violin & flute. The year rolls on - the ripening fruit The peaches & the wineberry - one for you & one for me And, of course, quite naturally Some found their way to Anneli As Christmas nears the Hoodeners knock To practise (yes, that's quite a shock!) And then perform their final night To people sat upon the flight of Stairs & yet again the grub! Devoured before they hit the pub. And finally on Christmas Day The matriarch sits on the sleigh Surrounded by her family - oh, how we'll miss you Anneli.

Memories of Street Acre (or a Year in the Life of...) by Annette, Budgie, Tom and Hermione